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Meet the team  

 Meet The People Determined to get You Restoked on Life
A photo of me

Hi my name's Hayden, I love adventure, people and seeing the world grow into a better place. I'm a carpenter by trade which has been really useful because I’ve been able to travel with my wife, who is a teacher, and to work in different countries.


While we were in Eastern Africa I came to the conclusion that people in my own country need something more out of life and it’s not material stuff, it’s good mental health. It’s finding a hope and a purpose, a passion and a reason to get up in the morning and do life.


 I thought if I combine my love for surfing, the amazing benefits of exercise and being around people who can help, we could really make a difference to the health of our country and the lives of individuals and families. I’m so stoked to be able to do this and I hope you are too.

























The first time I stood on a surfboard was in 2010 when I spent a couple of months in San Diego and it didn't take long before it was clear to me that this was something I wanted to have in my life all the time and I therefore made the decision of leaving Sweden and move to New Zealand.


That turned out to be one of the best decisions in my life! I now get to spend my time out in the ocean, together with amazing people, being excited, stoked and fulfilled.


When I'm not surfing, or working as a software developer, I like to spend as much time as possible out in nature, or on another board, especially snowboarding in winter. Ideally, I would live in a cottage in the forest, just by a surf break.


I have suffered from a few depressions in my life and I have always found that physical activity helps me through those tough times, and there's something special about surfing that I have not experienced through anything else.

Since surfing has given me so much I'd like to give back a little by helping other people discover this amazing activity.



In my early twenties I divided my time between studying engineering, physics and partying, with the majority going to partying. After years of this I realized that studying was making me happy, but partying was making me miserable, so I decided to stop partying.


One crucial tool that I used to make this work was physical activity. I tried many different things; running, going to the gym and rock climbing all became important parts of my life. But it wasn't until I took a one week surf course in France that I knew what I really wanted to spend my time on.


 I finished up my studies in Sweden, figured out where in the world I could actually make surfing part of my daily life, and moved to New Zealand. Now it's seven years since I arrived here, and surfing is an important part of what keeps me on an even keel and provides meaning and beauty in my life.


My life is currently divided between the university, where I am doing various interesting things in the department of statistics, and New Zealand's beautiful nature. If you run in to me outside of work chances are that you will find me either on a board of some sort, or just generally roaming around in nature.


When night falls, and I am forced to retreat indoors, my interests turn to books and movies. I am a huge science fiction fan in any medium. I am also a big believer in the power of good conversation, and I am more often than not talking, usually about one of the interests mentioned above.


Hey, I'm Cass! I'm from the east coast of Australia and have been living in NZ for a couple of years- I think it is a magical place. I am endlessly curious, and love being in the water, being in nature, and going on adventures- especially with my dog. I am passionate about music, animals, plants, reading, learning, experiencing and exploring. I believe in working towards a more sustainable and equitable future, and trust in the value of community to have a meaningful impact. I have worked in a variety of interesting environments and vocations throughout my journey, and currently find myself coordinating campaigns and events for a not-for-profit.

Growing up by the sea, the restorative power of the ocean was never lost on me. But once I caught my first wave (and wipeout) many years ago, I realised that surfing took that salubrious effect to a whole new level. It is a great way to get some exercise, relax, and reset.

Whilst investigating the effects of trees, vegetation and an overall greener environment on mental health and wellbeing as part of a larger research project in Australia, I was confronted with the staggering figures around the state of mental health in Australia, New Zealand and beyond. I realised so many people in my world were impacted, and that help was not always sought nor readily available.

My own subsequent struggles with mental health really drove home the harsh reality of the situation, and the importance in having a safe platform to talk it out, as well as work on growing your passion and happiness.

I’m so excited to share the stoke and hopefully help people find their way towards a path that will enable them to care for and manage their mental health, while rediscovering their joy and purpose. I can't wait to crash around in the surf like an excited puppy with all of you!


Tena koutou katoa


My name is Josie (Joanna) and I am a creative from Aotearoa, New Zealand. Piha is my turangawaewae and Oakura, New Plymouth is my current resting place. 


During my twenties I become well acquainted with the struggles of mental health, depression and anxiety. Learning to surf as an adult and getting into the ocean each day, has been and still is transformative in my journey to a happy and healthy life. 


I am deeply passionate about gifting that happiness to others through the art of surfing, honest conversation and community. My heart goes out to anyone feeling alone, and it is a great privilege to listen, learn and share the stoke of the ocean and of surfing with those of need it the most. 

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