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What is restoke?


 We all know of the depression and suicide stats in our country and we would like to do our part in changing this. So we came together as a group; friends, surfers, counselors and psychologist's and started Restoke.

A passion of ours is to see the people of New Zealand living life from a foundation of good mental health, knowing they are worth something and have a place within society.



Our aim is to change the way we deal with mental health on a social level. We will teach people to surf and teach people how to thrive through encouraging positive mental health. 



 Restoke is a free 8-week program for people that are aged 20yrs+, to help change the lives of people who are struggling.


We provide all the gear and training needed to learn to surf, all you need is a basic level of fitness, an ability to swim, and transport to the beach.


Along with a surf lesson and walk in nature, we provide a good meal and counselling sessions, so people have the opportunity to get professional help if they want it.


We are based around surfing and in have a healthy respect for the sea, if we feel the conditions aren’t right to be surfing in the sea or walking in the bush we will seek out other options around to make the most of the time we have.


If this sounds like something that could really assist you, or somebody you know, please reach out to us in the contact section of our site.



The Restoke Team.



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